Domain registration

It is vital that companies and professionals register a domain name. Here are a few potential benefits:
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Why register your own domain name?

Using your own domain name looks professional…

Which link would you click on – or

It is easier to remember…

Which one of the two sites above would you be able to find again or relate to a friend or business partner?

You are marketing yourself…

When you spash your site’s address all over the internet and social media, you are promoting yourself, not a hosting company or service provider.

Your e-mail addresses make more sense…

Your email address could be for 2 years, then change to for 3 years and then change again… You get the picture. Or it could be for ever irrespective of who your internet service provider is/changes to.

It gives you the competitive edge… and

If your competition has not registered their own domain name, you have the advantage. If your competition realises the value of registering a domain name, the fact that you have secured yours already, prevents it from being used against you, by your competition.

It is cheap!

The cost of registering a domain name is nominal. Please contact us for pricing information and to get the ball rolling. Registering your own domain name takes less than 5 minutes!

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