SEO Packages

SEO helps to make your site understandable to humans and search engines. Your reward will be higher search engine rankings, more visits and more revenue

Why is SEO important?

You’ve spent valuable resources in the hope of marketing your business on one of the world’s most effective media platforms, the Internet. Now take the next step and make sure your website and your brand can be found on all the major search engines.


How will quality SEO reward you?

Increase quality traffic  >  Establish and market your brand  >  INCREASE YOUR REVENUE

Unlike paid advertising, organic and natural SEO lasts a long time!

  • Our search engine optimisation services are aligned to the Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • We will help you understand and embrace the role of social media
  • We will not pay for links or source links from link farms or unrelated websites
  • We will not outsource our services with the exception of using professional writers
  • Our goal is to get you into the Google Top 10 – but don’t believe anyone that will guarantee this

Choose one of our affordable packages:

  1. Reporting
  2. Search Engine Optimisation

1. Reporting packages (reporting on search rankings and visitor stats)

These are not a true SEO packages but they are vitally important if your budget does not yet allow for one of our SEO packages. It allows you to monitor your visitor stats and your site performance on search engines. Our reporting packages focus on the following:


Monitor monthly search engine rankings on popular search engines for up to 3 keywords or -phrases.

Google Analytics

This abbreviated monthly report from Google Analytics contains information on site visits e.g. number of visits, geographic location of visitors, demographic information on visitors, determining which pages or posts are most popular and which sites or social media platforms are sending visitors to your site.

Site Optimisation

Site optimisation is the process of making physical changes to your site to ensure that it is easily understood by search engines and humans alike. Site optimisation is not included in reporting packages but If you are not sure if your site complies, use the green SEO Audit button at the bottom of this page to request a free assessment of your site’s SEO status. If your Site Performance score is below 80%, it needs help. In that case, site optimisation is available as an additional service. Contact us for a quote. (1)

We have two reporting packages available, depending on how much detail your require:

(1) Work needed to reinstate site health or optimise page content is charged at an hourly rate unless the client is subscribed to our monthly support subscription.

2. SEO Packages

What we do, in a nutshell:

  • We optimise each page of your website, including blog posts and news or article pages, thereby making sure you have a large basket of keywords. In most cases, websites have an SEO score of less than 50%, often even less than 40%!  We will make sure this is improved to 80% and above, and by doing this, search engines understand your site better and rank your site more prominently.
  • We help to build quality inbound links to your website without making use of any spammy (black hat) techniques.
  • We monitor Google algorithm updates that occur monthly and make sure your website is kept in tune with these updates.
  • We improve your traffic quality by making use of focused keyword phrases.
  • We monitor and analyse your competitors and report back on how your website is performing compared to your competitors.
  • We educate you by explaining the stats we send you in monthly reports so that you understand the work we are doing.
  • We will offer advice to you on how to improve the quality and focus of your website content. 

Setup and Getting Ready for your SEO

The once-off setup fee allows us to perform a number of basic but important tasks on your (up to 20 page) website before SEO starts:

    This is a once-off fee per domain (up to 20 pages) and applies to all of our SEO packages. This is how we get to know your site and your business and prepare the way forward to optimising your site for search engines. Doing setup we look at the following:

    • Keyword Analysis & Research
    • Current Keyword Ranking Report
    • Duplicate Content Checking
    • Robot txt optimization
    • Title Tags Optimization
    • Meta Keyword Optimization
    • Meta Description Optimization
    • General Meta Tag Optimization
    • Image Alt Text Optimization
    • Implementing of Heading tags (H1, H2 etc.)
    • Setting up of Internal linking on the website
    • Broken links analysis
    • Creating of link exchange page on the website
    • Title Attribute Optimization
    • Create XML Sitemap
    • Google & Bing Sitemap Submission (XML)
    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Google Webmaster Tools Implementation
    • Bing Webmaster Tools Implementation

    Cost: R1251 (once-off)

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